How do I buy CompleteView?

CompleteView is sold through Certified Resellers. Each reseller has valuable experience in designing, installing and supporting complex video surveillance and associated security applications and is trained by Salient on the technical aspects of CompleteView. Find a reseller in your area or industry.

Does CompleteView support both analog and IP cameras?

Yes.  CompleteView supports analog cameras directly connected to the server as well as via network encoding devices.  Analog and IP cameras are presented in a seamless manner so that the user is unaware of the technology behind the camera. View our supported camera list. 

What hardware platforms does CompleteView run on?

CompleteView software will run on any standard Windows-based PC (32 Bit) 2000/XP/Vista/7 or (64 Bit) Windows 7 and Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or later.

Is CompleteView easy to manage?

Yes. CompleteView was designed to support single-seat administration. This allows an administrator to monitor server status, configure servers, and update server software - all from a single location. 

How is the client software licensed?

CompleteView client applications ship with an unlimited-use license.

Do you charge extra for the server license?

No, Salient Systems does not charge for server licenses.  CompleteView software is a one-time per camera license fee.

How are cameras licensed?

IP Cameras - IP camera licenses are not tied to particular cameras or encoders, but merely determine how many IP cameras a particular server is allowed to connect to. This greatly simplifies camera management as it completely eliminates the need to contact the manufacturer for a new license in the event of a broken or upgraded camera. Camera licenses can also be moved to different servers without the need to contact Salient or incurring additional cost.

Analog Cameras - Analog cameras are licensed in units of four channels, up to a total of 32 channels on PowerChoice, PowerPro and PowerPro-R servers. 64 analog channels are supported on PowerPlus and PowerUltra servers. Each analog camera license includes the video capture hardware required to directly-connect the analog cameras to the server without requiring the use of a network video encoder. Transition to IP is simple--just trade in your analog channels for IP licenses at no charge.

If I purchase CompleteView ONE, can I upgrade to Pro or Enterprise?

Yes, CompleteView is scalable from ONE to Pro or Enterprise and from Pro to Enterprise versions.  The price is the difference between the originally purchased license and the new license charge.  This protects your original investment and allows for full scalability.

I have an older version of CompleteView.  Can I upgrade to a current version?

Yes, we encourage users to stay current and offer a Trade In Program for customers not covered under a Yearly Upgrade Plan to trade in their older CompleteView software for the current version.  The Trade In cost is 50% of the current MSRP being purchased.  This Trade In Program is available for up to two versions back and customers have the option to purchase the Yearly Upgrade Program at that time. 

Do I need 3rd party software to run CompleteView?

No. CompleteView is a self contained, full-featured video management system which does not require additional third party software to run. With our royalty free, open standards based API (Application Programming Interface) we welcome partnerships with other companies with capabilities for access control, situation management, command centers, video analytics, and others.

Where can I install CompleteView?

A CompleteView VMS (Video Management System) can be installed in any location, within a specific site or multiple sites. This allows flexibility in the design of the video surveillance infrastructure, from centralized to distributed to anywhere in between. Servers can be easily integrated into an existing network for ease of management within current IT infrastructures.

How many cameras can I put on one CompleteView system?

If you are using CompleteView ONE, each system can support up to 32 cameras (IP or Analog) with a maximum of 32 analog channels.

If you are using CompleteView Pro or Enterprise, there is no software limitation on the number of IP cameras which can be supported by a server. The number of cameras which can be managed by a server depends on the camera configuration and server hardware.  Please contact Salient at 512-617-4800 for assistance in determining what server configuration is required.

Does Salient provide onsite support to help me install CompleteView?

Salient's Certified Resellers are trained and well-equipped to provide service and onsite support for your installation. In the event that special issues arise, Salient's support department is available to assist you. For more information please contact Salient also provides online certification, interactive tech support modules and end user training. See our Training page for more information.