Today's security and information technology worlds have progressed toward convergence and IT support for video surveillance is steadily increasing. Management's demand for the collection, storage and rapid retrieval of video information is growing and security managers are being required to provide C-level reports on the integrity of the enterprise and to deliver analysis of threats captured on video. 

Salient Systems is committed to designing products based on open standards because we believe it is the best way to allow for the integration of applications to broaden and enhance video surveillance; systems such as access control, building automation, command and control, situation management, visitor management and fire alarm systems. Open standards ensures that companies are able to choose the best product offerings in each application area that best suit the needs of the customer.

Salient System's CompleteViewTM was designed to meet today's wide range of video surveillance requirements, and was built on the cornerstone of open standards that guarantees a future proof solution for tomorrow. In addition, Salient Systems Corporation stands apart in its ownership of all CompleteView software components, ensuring ongoing compatibility, quality and service excellence.


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