White Papers


CompleteView & PowerProtect Enterprise Considerations

Evaluating platform security, up time and management capabilities. Industry White Paper

Moving from Analog to IP

A review of technology and design techniques for hybrid, analog and IP video security installations. Industry White Paper

Benefits of Standardizing Your Video Security System

A review of the issues and benefits of standardizing on a single platform. Industry White Paper

Deploying VSaaS and Hosted Video Solutions Using CompleteView

Find out why it's critical to select the correct technology for a hosted or VSaaS solution. Industry White Paper

Understanding H.264

Provides an in-depth look at compression technology with a focus on H.264. Industry White Paper

How to Calculate Object Detail Level Based on Field of View and Camera Resolution

Teaches how to determine the level of detail your camera will provide, based on distance to the object, angle of view and resolution. Industry White Paper

Considerations when selecting a Digital Video Management Platform

It's a detailed analysis of features to consider when selecting a Video Management Platform. This covers technology types, from DVR up to Video Management Software, and feature sets you can expect and features to consider. Industry White Paper

Why is CompleteView Network Friendly?

How do features CompleteView Video Management Software minimize network impact and facilitate system administration? This White Paper provides a detailed understanding of unique, advanced features included with CompleteView. Product White Paper

Modular vs. Database Dependant Design

The recording architecture of a Video Management System is often overlooked but can have a huge impact on the usability of the system and availability of recorded video. This white paper compares different designs with a look at CompleteView's hybrid architecture which provides a stable video recording architecture. Product White Paper

Configuration Examples & System Design with CompleteView

Graphical overview of Analog, IP and Hybrid security system implementations using CompleteView Video Management Software. Data flow over the IP network is also demonstrated. Product White Paper