PowerProtect Platform

Salient Systems is pleased to offer a comprehensive hardware platform for CompleteView VMS. The PowerProtect platform extends the limits of operational capabilities for video surveillance systems.  Systems range from entry level to enterprise.

PowerMicro: Salient’s PowerMicro is the smallest form factor in the PowerProtect platform line and is designed to address space constrained deployments. Measuring 7 x 7 x 1.5 the PowerMicro weighs 2.82 lbs and can be placed discreetly on a desktop, mounted under a counter or secured to a video monitor. Powered by an Intel Core i3 series, 4 GB memory and a 1TB hard drive, the PowerMicro is engineered for the rigors of video surveillance applications and offers a unique hardware solution where available space is at a premium.

PowerChoice: The PowerChoice entry-level system is built to last. Long term reliability with enhanced 4GB of memory from 1TB up to 8TB of video storage offers the perfect balance between value and performance. Supporting up to 32 analog direct connect channels, this hybrid NVR supports IP and analog cameras in one mini tower unit. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and 8 external USB ports are standard on every system.

PowerChoice LP: The PowerChoice LP entry-level NVR delivers the same long term reliability, enhanced 4GB UDIMM memory and video storage ranging from 1TB to 8TB as the PowerChoice but in a low profile, 1U rack mount form factor.  Specifically designed for space constrained deployments, the LP supports up to 32 direct connect analog channels utilizing Salient’s GEN II technology and hybrid capability for IP camera support. Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS and dual 10/100/1000 NICS are standard on every system.

PowerPro: The PowerPro hybrid NVRs offer industry leading value oriented video surveillance systems built for the rigors of continuous duty operations. Single Intel Xeon processor, 8GB memory with Dual 1Gbe NICs to deliver the reliability and processing power required by mission critical digital video surveillance. Providing up to 32 analog direct connect channels, these hybrid NVRs support IP and analog cameras in one 1U rack mount unit, with storage configurations from 2TB to 24TB.

PowerPro-R: The PowerPro-R offers the same value oriented video surveillance performance as the PowerPro with 8GB memory and with dual 1TB drives in a RAID1 configuration for high reliability and processing power. 32 analog direct connect channels and hybrid NVR support for IP cameras in one 2U rack mount unit also allows users to choose RAID5 (video storage) from 4TB up to 30TB.

PowerPlus: The PowerPlus is a 2U rack mount server with extended storage and redundancy to meet the expectations of high performance video surveillance applications. Providing up to 64 analog direct connect channels, this hybrid NVR supports IP and analog cameras (maximum 64 channels) in one 2U rack mount server. Utilizing Dual Intel Xeon processors, 24GB of memory and RAID5 protected storage capacity from 4TB to 30TB. The PowerPlus is engineered to provide the reliability and processing power required by mission critical video surveillance applications.

PowerUltra: Top of the line in video processing systems, the PowerUltra is the most powerful hybrid Network Video Server available from Salient. With 32GB memory, up to 66TB video storage and a maximum of 64 direct connect analog cameras, this 2U rack-mountable server offers enterprise level performance for the most demanding video surveillance environments.

PowerDAS: The PowerDAS Direct Attached Storage system expands the primary storage capacity of a PowerPlus or PowerUltra NVR. A PowerDAS 2U form factor chassis is populated with 11TB, 22TB, 33TB or 44TB of usable storage capacity configured in a single RAID 5 array. PowerDAS storage arrays connect to Salient PowerPlus or PowerUltra servers using the PERC H800 Host-RAID Adapter. Up to two PowerDAS, storage arrays can be daisy-chained to a single server to provide up to 88 terabytes of expanded storage.


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