What makes a great reseller?

As security and technology have evolved, so too have the jobs of the security integrators and resellers. Salient Systems Certified Resellers best serve customers by analyzing their  needs and providing the best of class solution based on the wide array of product and technologies available today.

Salient's Certified Resellers go through a qualification process and our Certified Training course. They possess the following characteristics that are of utmost importance to our customers:

  • Market specific knowledge - our resellers know your business
  • Certification - a commitment to continuing education ensuring a deep knowledge of the industry and products
  • Reputation for customer service - great customer service doesn't just happen. As the manufacturer we provide excellent customer service to our resellers and they in turn provide excellent customer service to their customers
  • Experience - our resellers have the ability to deliver solutions on a local, national, and international level
  • Financial stability - our resellers are financially stable and take a long-term perspective to ensure a scalable, future proof solution for your company
  • Partnership - the goal of our resellers is a long term strategic partnership with you

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Certified Reseller Information Exchange Programs


Salient eXchange

Salient eXchange, is a bi-monthly Web conference where you’ll learn about new product offerings and integrations, reseller support, marketing and sales tools, co-marketing programs, successful installations and case studies. Learn More

Technical eXchange

Salients' Tech eXchange is a "tool" for your installer and technician's. These are free WebEx meeting held bi-monthly which provide an in-depth technical review and training on CompleteView functionality followed by a Q&A session. Perfect for installers, system designers, IT support and even project managers. Learn More