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Structured Hierarchy is Major Shift from View Centric to Security Centric Architecture

AUSTIN, TX (October 12, 2011) - Salient Systems Corporation today announced CompleteViewTM version 3.8 with comprehensive, structured hierarchical view layout capabilities. [Salient Systems CompleteView VMS] A fundamental architectural shift from view centric technology to data and security centric technology, CompleteView Enterprise VMS offers the ability to easily organize complex structures for location zones, sites and views for deployment in large scale, multi-site, multi-server customer installations. “The impact of the ‘structured view’ capabilities for the user cannot be overemphasized,” states Brian Carle, Product Manager at Salient Systems. “What used to be a tedious and difficult task of identifying multiple locations, multiple sites within those locations and multiple views within those sites is now as easy as creating and naming folders for nested views.”

In addition, CompleteView 3.8 delivers enhanced digital PTZ capabilities and an intuitive new viewer for multi-view playback of exported video. Digital PTZ capabilities have been enhanced by allowing for Pan Tilt and Zoom control of any fixed camera when viewing live video or playback of recordings. The enhanced playback viewer allows for 16 exported clips to be viewed simultaneously. “It is critical during investigations to be able to playback multiple cameras in a single view, to re-create incidents which play out over several cameras,” states Carle. “Now this capability can be brought to the courtroom with CompleteView’s enhanced video player.”