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Salient Systems Releases CompleteView 3.8.1

Salient Systems Releases CompleteView 3.8.1 – Adds Android and Multiple Browser Support

Austin, TX (March 1, 2012) - Salient Systems Corporation, a leading manufacturer of video management software, today announced CompleteViewTM version 3.8.1 with TouchView™ Mobile for Android smartphones. [TouchView Mobile] TouchView Mobile is a free app which has a unique, user friendly  interface to satisfy surveillance needs on the go and has been developed to optimize bandwidth consumption using Salient’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling. “With this mobile ability to monitor cameras on Android smartphones, customers can view incidents, ensure areas are secure and take informed action by remotely verifying incidents from anywhere, anytime”, states Brian Carle, Director of Product Strategy. TouchView supports live video, PTZ control and playback of recorded video for up to 16 cameras and is available on the Android Marketplace.

Included in this release is an enhanced Web Client with comprehensive multi-browser support for Firefox, Google Chrome and IE 8 and greater. CompleteView's file management capabilities are further enhanced with a new Backup feature. Backup provides the same scheduling capabilities as Archiving but allows administrators to set recordings to be copied instead of moved. Using Backup, administrators can define a backup schedule, volume and choose which type of recording to backup (scheduled, motion, alarm or any combination). Further enhancements include CV SpotlightTM, a customizable pop up utility for viewing video on alarm or event in a window on-screen, in full screen mode or on multiple monitors. Users can customize audio alerts and pop up video positioning on a camera-by-camera basis. “Salient is committed to providing industry leading capabilities to our customers. Easy to use, high-impact features such as CV Spotlight and TouchView significantly boost the power of video surveillance systems and fulfill the demands of this ever changing market,” adds Carle.