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Salient Systems Announces Mango + Mate Behavior Watch Integration

AUSTIN, TX (July 29, 2014) - Salient Systems Corporation, a leader in IP network video surveillance solutions, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Mango + Mate.

Salient Systems' CompleteView™, an industry leading enterprise level video surveillance platform based on open architecture is now integrated with Mate Behavior Watch, a leading provider of video content analysis. CompleteView™ video management software coupled with the video optimized PowerProtect hardware platform scales from entry level to enterprise deployments and provides everything required to manage a multi-server, multi-site video surveillance installation from a single desktop, laptop or mobile device.

The integration with Mate Behavior Watch adds real time detection from the Mate Library of events to both new and existing CompleteView™ systems.  The integrated platform allows Mate to perform VCA on video from CompleteView™ and send alarms back to the system to control event management.

The extensive feature offering from Mate Behavior Watch includes motion detection, camera tampering, static object detection, path detection, directional motion, speed detection and more.  The analytical capability adds intelligence to the video surveillance monitoring deployment increasing the overall effectiveness for management and security professionals.

“Salient Systems is delighted to launch our partnership with Mango + Mate and continue offering the ‘best in technology’ integrations that have been the hallmark of our business success for many years” said Chris Meiter, Vice President of Sales at Salient.

“We are very excited to become a strategic partner with Salient Systems,” says Randy Simpson, Director of Sales. “I look forward to work with the Salient team to add value for their client’s surveillance installations”.

About Salient

Salient Systems offers comprehensive video surveillance management systems designed for the full range of surveillance technology needs from analog to IP to Cloud. Based on open architecture, CompleteView VMS scales from entry level to enterprise and provides everything needed to manage a multi-server, multi-site video surveillance installation from a single desktop. Salient delivers simple, scalable security for today…and tomorrow.

About Mango + Mate

Mango + Mate is the world's leading provider of Video Content Analysis (VCA). See More Watch LESS. Video Verified Business Intelligence VVBI provides retail dynamic POS management and automates POS service improving queue time and customer satisfaction. Behavior Watch VCA software fully integrates into leading Video Management Systems adding intelligence to your monitoring solution. Activate your cameras. Change forensic video recording into real time event management.

"Ease of use, feature sets, and focus on the client separates Mango Mate from all other competitors."