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Salient Systems Announces CompleteView V4.5 - Optimizing the User Experience

The latest version of CompleteView VMS enhances the user experience with Dynamic Video Management Tools for Enterprise Deployments

Austin, TX  (June 17, 2015) Salient Systems announces the latest version of CompleteView VMS.  Version 4.5 enhances the user experience with Dynamic Video Management, a suite of tools for enterprise deployments designed to optimize CPU usage, manage load and latency and minimize bandwidth usage.

The 3 D’s in the Dynamic Video Management suite are Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS), Dynamic Video Decoding (DVD) and Dynamic Frame Throttling (DFT).  DRS delivers the most appropriately sized video stream based on the display size of the viewing client thereby reducing bandwidth consumption.  DVD controls server processing for camera streams based on live viewing or server motion detection settings, saving CPU usage.  DFT allows the server to monitor camera video queues balancing load and latency without affecting recorded video.

Camera based motion support is now available for AMAG Symmetry, Arecont, Axis, Bosch, HikVision, Samsung, SightLogix and Video IQ products.

In addition to enterprise deployment features in the Dynamic Video Management suite, the new Web Client with H.264 live and playback support also offers enhanced viewing features with up to 16 live video feeds, 4 video feeds for playback and export and supports multiple browsers, servers and languages. This robust web client offers cross browser support for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Salient’s TouchView mobile app has cross platform ‘configuration compatibility’ with the web client, allowing users to build configurations in the mobile app and transfer them for use in the web client. Combined with Dynamic Resolution Scaling, Salient’s network friendly feature for bandwidth management and TouchView Mobile apps for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, CompleteView offers the fastest call up of megapixel resolution video over remote internet connections  

Salient’s CompleteView VMS provides an easy to use way to organize complex sites and zones, and to view layouts in interactive maps, allowing the user to manage complex deployments.  Users can monitor the status of any and all servers, add or remove users, change the configurations of servers and clients, and push software updates out to servers and clients from a single desktop application.   


About Salient

Salient Systems offers comprehensive video surveillance management systems designed for the full range of surveillance technology needs from analog to IP to VSaaS. Based on open architecture, CompleteView, Salient Systems’ Video Management Software scales from entry level to enterprise and provides everything needed to manage a multi-server, multi-site video surveillance installation from a single desktop.