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Salient Systems and VidSys Announce Technology Interoperability Partnership

AUSTIN, TX – December 8, 2014 -- VidSys and Salient Systems are pleased to announce that Salient CompleteView VMS has been tested and certified for full integration and interoperability with VidSys PSIM software platform.  This technology partnership will offer an integrated solution with  real-time situation management and video surveillance capabilities for enterprise users.   Salient Systems’ CompleteView™, an industry leading enterprise level video surveillance platform and VidSys, a leading Physical Security Information Management software platform, both based on open architecture, combine for a compelling offering.

Tom Chamard, Salient VP of Sales, notes, “Our integration with the VidSys PSIM platform creates exciting new possibilities for our business and our customers.  The corresponding interoperability and situation management dimensions, brought about by this technology partnership, will help broaden our markets while helping our customers reduce risk and operational costs.

While many of our customers have centralized security functions throughout their enterprise, numerous additional customers have decentralized security functions.  This integration and partnership will strengthen our appeal and position in both of those types of environments.”

Salient’s CompleteView™ video management software, coupled with the video optimized PowerProtect hardware platform, scales from entry level to enterprise deployments and provides everything required to manage a multi-server, multi-site video surveillance installation from a single desktop, laptop or mobile device.

VidSys Founder and CTO James Chong said, “We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Salient Systems.  Our combined product offering will enhance the user experience and will be a scalable force multiplier for clients with a broad base of assets to monitor.”

VidSys PSIM software enhances security for organizations with a large physical footprint by geospatially aligning information for responders into a single unified view.  The software features five core areas of functionality; collecting, analyzing, verifying, resolving and tracking information which helps manage risk for both daily and emergency situations, in real-time.

About Salient Systems

Salient Systems offers comprehensive video surveillance management systems designed for the full range of surveillance technology needs from analog to IP to Cloud.  Based on open architecture, CompleteView VMS scales from entry level to enterprise and provides everything needed to manage a multi-server, multi-site video surveillance installation from a single desktop, laptop, or mobile smartphone. Salient delivers simple, scalable security for today…and tomorrow.

About VidSys

Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, VidSys provides a transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform used to run operations centers for public sector agencies and leading enterprise organizations globally.  The platform continuously fuses and instantly correlates vast amounts of data gathered from any number or virtually any type, brand or generation of physical security system or sensor, as well as from networked management applications. 

The result is actionable intelligence that empowers decision makers from a single organization or multiple entities – however geographically dispersed – to collaborate in real time.  By leveraging mobile devices, the software also provides instant situational awareness and mission-critical intelligence to first responders, senior executives or other authorized parties. www.vidsys.com