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Salient Systems and Software House Announce C-Cure 9000 Integration

AUSTIN, TX (JULY 28, 2010) – Salient Systems and Software House have collaborated on the integration of their CompleteView™ Video Management System with the innovative C•CURE 9000 security and event management system.  The combination of the two security applications merges the management functions of access control and video surveillance providing customers with a single, feature rich interface for ‘easy-to-use’ security control. In addition, version 3.5.1 offers enhanced H.264 recording performance.

“This partnership brings together world-class access control with the most comprehensive, easiest to use video surveillance management software available on the market today”, said Per Hanssen, President and CTO of Salient Systems.  At the core of the C•CURE 9000 and CompleteView solution is the customer’s ability to view, search and playback video from the C•CURE 9000 monitoring station.  It also allows for camera control, pop-up viewing from multiple cameras, the ability to create events and alarms and to activate pre-programmed camera activity.  “Customers also benefit from this integration because they can control the rising costs of managing two separate security systems and still allow for expansion and growth,” explained Hanssen.

Version 3.5.1 of CompleteView also provides superior H.264 recording performance.  “CompleteView now offers one of the highest performance H.264 recording platforms available without the use of specialized H.264 decoding hardware” says Hanssen. “We expect customers to see a 3x average performance improvement, allowing for a greater number of H.264 cameras to be processed on a single computer. This enhancement will dramatically decrease the server hardware costs associated with processing and recording H.264 video streams for customers of CompleteView” explains Hanssen.

CompleteView has been developed with both the security and the IT professional in mind. Based on open architecture and offering the flexibility for both IP and analog camera support, users are free to add, move and delete cameras without re-licensing or penalties.  Features such as Dynamic Resolution Scaling address bandwidth consumption by streaming video at the appropriate resolution requested by the video client. CompleteView offers a comprehensive video management solution with system administration from a single location for updates, licensing, replicating server configurations across an enterprise installation and moving or copying IP cameras between servers.

C•CURE 9000 security and event management system utilizes IT standard tools and an innovative distributed architecture. It offers leading edge integration capabilities, advanced alarm routing and remote access for system administration and monitoring via a light client. Combined with a suite of powerful door controllers including the powerful iSTAR Edge two-door IP door controller and an unsurpassed integration platform that allows customers to integrate with critical business applications, Software House solutions are among the most powerful in the industry.  In fact, nearly half of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 use Software House branded solutions to help solve their most complex business operation challenges.