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Salient announces major software release, CompleteView Version 4.0

Salient announces major software release, CompleteView Version 4.0

AUSTIN, TX (October 16, 2012) - Salient Systems Corporation announces a new major software release, CompleteViewTM version 4.0, released October 15. CompleteView 4.0 offers customers a variety of features including native 64 bit support, improved disk I/O performance, 4x4 multi-playback and an enhanced customizable Video Client interface. Powerful features for enterprise installations and CompleteView™ Cloud include Video Proxy for controlled access to multiple servers.

Version 4.0 feature sets are designed to enhance the user experience for both Cloud-based VSaaS deployments and traditional installations.  CompleteView’s search and investigations capabilities have been enhanced to include multi playback of up to 16 cameras simultaneously.  Users can switch from a live view layout to multi playback of all cameras in the layout with a single mouse click.  Additionally, video export options have been added to CompleteView’s popular Video Queue feature.

For Enterprise and Cloud deployments, CompleteView now offers the Video Proxy. The Video Proxy allows client connections to be made to a single CompleteView Video Proxy server which will stream video from cameras recording to any number of CompleteView recording servers deployed.

“System administration and platform optimization were areas we focused on in our 4.0 release,” states Brian Carle, director of product strategy, Salient Systems. ”The Video Proxy allows simplified user setup and camera access even in large and complex deployments.   To further simplify large system administration, CompleteView now offers the ability to save configurations without restarting the system, providing administrators the ability to add cameras or adjust configuration without interrupting active user connections.”

Version 4.0 includes several performance enhancements designed to reduce server footprint and deployment costs.  Native 64 bit support, an enhanced I/O interface and updated codecs optimize CompleteView’s performance. 

“CompleteView 4.0 will allow customers to configure a higher density of cameras per server,” says Carle. “This will reduce the server hardware cost for traditional enterprise deployments, which can often be greater than VMS licensing costs.  Additionally CompleteView’s ability to scale in Cloud based VSaaS deployments is significantly enhanced.”